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Setting up Wirecast4™

  Last Updated on April 2, 2013 at 11:58 am

This guide shows how to set up Wirecast™ on your computer to work with your WebCast-TV premium account. It is based on Wirecast™ Version 4.2.4 but is very similar on newer versions.

You will need to purchase a copy of Wirecast™ here or a Free trail versions is available for you to download to. There are online stores where you might find a cheaper price such as B&H video (Search for Wirecast).

Step 1 –

Connect a video camera or video playback device using an appropriate firewire cable. (see manufacturer’s instructions). Switch on the device.
Heads up! You must do this before you start the Wirecast™ application. If not, your devices may not be detected.

This Wirecast4 video will teach you how to connect your camera:

Step 2 –

Open the Wirecast™ application. If this is your first time using Wirecast™, simply click on – ‘Broadcast > Broadcast settings…’ on the main menu bar.


Step 3 –

Click on the ‘Encoder Presets’ dropdown menu and select the most appropriate Flash preset.


Step 4 –

Next click on the ‘Encoder Presets’ dropdown menu again and choose ‘Edit…’ at the bottom of the list. A new window opens.


Fill out or make the appropriate changes in the fields.

NOTE: Make sure you do not attempt to stream at a higher total bitrate than your internet connection speed can provide.

Try ("") to check your current connection speed.

It is recommended that you stay within 80% of your rated internet upload speed result. If you are streaming Live and are having trouble, stop the encode, reduce the bitrates & restart the encoder.

After all fields have been set click

Step 5 –
All you need to do now is enter the streaming address and stream name. To obtain the ‘Address’ and ‘Stream’ name, open your browser, Log into your WebCast-TV premium account, Click on ‘My Account’, Select the appropriate channel under ‘Manage Channels’, and then select the appropriate Live show from the ‘Live Controls’ dropdown menu.

You should now have open the ‘Live Controls’ page where you can copy your Publishing Point (Address) and Stream Name.


Now paste these in to the same fields in the Wirecast™ application and click .

Step 6 –
From the ‘Broadcast’ tab on the menu bar, go to ‘Network Broadcast’ and then ‘Start all’ to begin encoding, or click on the Broadcast Icon in the top left hand corner of the main window.

Wirecast™ contains a complete tutorial to help get you started and to purchase a license, open Wirecast™, and select :
Wirecast > Preferences > Register > Purchase Now, and follow the online instructions.

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