User Guide

Player Embedding Parameters

  Last Updated on July 15, 2015 at 3:52 pm

We have several embedding parameters you can change via the embed query string.

&liveIcon=false – This removes the LIVE icon from the player.
&volume=50 – This can be a setting between 0 and 100.
&hls=true – This will make the player for computers stream using HTTP (HLS).
&stretching=exactfit – This changes the way the video fits the player. It has 4 options:

  • exactfit – (DEFAULT) Will fit Player dimensions without maintaining aspect ratio
  • uniform   – Will fit Player dimensions while maintaining original aspect ratio (Black bars)
  • fill          – Will stretch and zoom video to fill dimensions, while maintaining aspect ratio
  • none          – Displays the actual size of the video file. (Black borders)