User Guide

Setting up Google Analytics

  Last Updated on November 3, 2015 at 12:12 pm

At this time, detailed Analytics can only be found for players by implementing Google Analytics in your account.

Google Analytics is free service that shows how many people visited your page, how often, how they found it, common key words, and more. This feature does not currently show individual event analytics but rather, analytics for an entire profile. We hope to release our own native analytics sometime in the near future.

Please Note:  We highly recommend using a separate Google account for each URL you are tracking in Google Analytics. If you have an account for your specific web address, you should use a separate Event.

1. Sign into your account
2. Go to ‘Account Settings’
3. Enter in your Google Analytics ID
4. Save Changes and you’re ready to go!

If you don’t know your Google Analytics ID, follow the directions below:

1. Sign into your Google/Gmail account
2. Go to
3. Click ‘Access Analytics’
4. Click the ‘Admin’ button on the top right
5. Once you’re on the Account Administration page, click ‘+New Account’
6. You should now be on the Create New Account page. Fill in the information.
7. Account Name: Create a name that will be easy to remember.
8. Add new account. Enter as the Web Site URL and click ‘Apply’
9. Select your country and time zone
10. Review the Terms and Conditions. Accept.
11. Click ‘Create Account’
12. Congratulations, you now have a Google Analytics ID number!

NOTE: If your Tracking Status reads ‘Tracking Not Installed’, ignore it. You’re still on the right path.

13. Copy your Tracking ID.
14. Go to
15. Go to your ‘Account Settings’
16. Paste your Google Analytics ID number
17. Save changes.

Tracking should begin shortly. Please note that you will not be able to receive retroactive analytics. The data will begin to collect starting when you enabled/created your Google profile.